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Board Members and Staff

Board Members

President: Carla Nadzaam
Attonery at Law
Nadzam Law

Vice President: Heather Owens
Jonesboro Assistant City Attorney
Secretary: Katie Prescott
General Counsel

Sharp, Inc.
Treasurer: Courtney Hoffman

Visionary Eye Care, PA
Beth Murff
Director of Patient Safety/Clinical Efficacy

St. Benards Medical Center
Tommy Hendrix-Brown
Principle Broker/ Owner

Next Home Properties
Kila Montgomery


Sherri is the Assistant Director.
Stacy is the Family Crisis Center’s Mental Health Provider. She’s been with FCC for almost five years. She started as a DV advocate and then worked as our Rape Crisis Center Program Coordinator for three years. Stacy graduated from Arkansas State University in 2011 with her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and 2013 with her Master’s degree. Stacy is EMDR trained and passionate about helping clients move from victimization to empowerment. In her free time, Stacy is cuddled up with her cats, watching tv, spending time with friends and family, and playing video games.
Barbara is a Victim Service Advocate turned Shelter Manager with 4 years being with FCC under her belt. Coming originally from Kennett Mo, she relocated to Jonesboro to start her higher education journey. Barbara earned her Bachelors in Social Work in 2011 and her Masters in Social Work in 2014. Being a survivor herself, she works well with those navigating their life through domestic violence and challenges and plans to continue to do so in the years to come. In her free time you will find Barbara at home with her family and pets. She ejnjoys board and video games, Halloween, pizza, and anything Walking Dead.
Kimberly is the Team-Anti-Human Trafficking Specialist.
Courtney is the Rape Crisis Program Coordinator. She is from Paragould, AR and received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Arkansas State University in 2021. She has worked with social services, law enforcement, and now works with the NEA Family Crisis Center providing advocacy for victims of sexual assault. Her hobbies include binge-watching documentaries, reading psychological thrillers, and hanging out with her two dogs, Reece and Jake. 
Savanah serves as a Rape Crisis Victim Advocate. She has a passion for advocacy and mental health services. During her time working as an advocate, Savanah shares she has been honored to provide support and services to survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking. Savanah earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology, from Williams Baptist University. She is currently in her final semester of the UALR Master of Social Work program. Savanah will graduate with her MSW in May 2024. In the past, she has worked extensively with children in foster care as well as families with protective services cases, and as a Parenting Program Practitioner for more than 5 years. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and baking. 
Siera is a Rape Crisis Victim Advocate. She holds a Bachelors of Social Work Degree, Minor in Sociology, and Masters of Science in Early Childhood Services. She has worked in the social services field for several years and has expertise in working with children, elderly, and indiviuals with mental health and developmental disabilities. She is a computer enthusiast who enjoys journaling and reading in her spare time. She hopes to make an impact on the social services field by advocating for more diversity and inclusion in service practices. She loves working for the Family Crisis Center because she enjoys being a part of the positive changes in individuals lives.
Claire is a Team-Victim Advocate. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2021 and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Social Work. Some of her hobbies are hiking, gardening, binge watching docuseries or tv shows, reading, and spending time with her loved ones and pets. She enjoys working for FCC “because of the difference we make and the opportunties we have to help those in hard situations.”
Jamie is a Victim Service Advocate. She has been with the Family Crisis Center coming up on a year in April. She is originally from Helena, Arkansas, but spent 15 years living in Indiana. She returned to the area 8 years ago, and now calls Jonesboro home. After settling here, she decided to further her education by receiving her Bachelor’s in Sociology at ASU. As a DV survivor, she has found that helping to empower other victims of domestic violence is her true calling. In her free time she likes to relax and spend time with her family. She also enjoys advocating for and rescuing animals needing help, as well as tending to her own fur babies. She loves holidays, stand up comedy, sitcom reruns and eating good food with friends and family.
Kady is a Legal Advocate. She is from Walnut Ridge Arkansas. She is a
recent graduate from Williams Baptist University with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a minor in psychology. Her hobbies include playing bass guitar, watching crime shows and documentaries, as well as spending time with family and friends.
Sonji is one of the Victim Advocates.
Jamie R. is one of the Victim Advocates.
Bessie is one of the Victim Advocates
Janice has been the FCC shelter cat for the last five years. She offers support to our clients and their children. She’s sassy, but she has a good heart.

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