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Programs & Services: Education

Programs & Services: Education

The Family Crisis Center knows that the best way to prevent trafficking, sexual and domestic violence is through comprehensive prevention programs that use education as its primary tool. We offer education programs to empower women, children, and men to protect themselves and know that they deserve to be treated with respect and to also make potential offenders aware of the consequences of these crimes for both the perpetrator and the victim.

Some of our Education Programs include: Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness and Prevention, Teaching Healthy Relationship Skills and Personal Space and Respect Education.

If you have first-hand experience of the pain of sexual assault or domestic violence, let the Family Crisis Center help you take those first steps toward a tomorrow full of healing and the promise of better things ahead. We understand that suffering through such a situation alone can be emotionally excruciating, and we want you to know that you are not alone. Let us partner with you and carry you through this dark chapter of your life. Call us today at 1-870-933-9449 and allow us help you take those first steps to a better tomorrow.

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